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2013 Fire Incident Information
Duns # 054880004

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Fire History

Cottonwood Ridge – July 2014Patmos – July 2014Slope – June 2014Sinbad – July 2013Turner – June 2013Lacky Fan – June 2013 Little Pine (Enterprise, UT) – Aug 2012Little Sands Fire (Pagosa Springs CO.) – July 2012 Carpenter Fire June 2012Lake Creek Fire – June 2012Sally’s Hollow Fire – Aug 2011
Summary: The Sunset Grill has supported several fire incidents in 2011-2014. Proven travel range of 500+ miles, supported a crew of 280, 20ft. x 48ft. dinning halls, 30ft. mobile kitchen, spike camp support, remote locations 9,000ft. elevation, rapid response, Utah State Food Manager Certificate. 21 yrs experienced restaurant owners. Prepared over 11,000 meals

Patmos & Cottonwood Ridge Fires – Book Cliffs

  • Location: Book Cliffs UT, July 2014
  • Duration; 3 days & 925+ meals
  • Fire Camp very rugged 4X4 terrain

Slope Fire (BLM)

  • Location: Beaver County (Milford) UT, June 2014
  • Duration; 2 days & 718 meals
  • Rapid response on site within 14 hours ~ 340 miles

Sinbad Fire

  • Location: La Sal Mountains, July 2013
  • Duration; 6 days & 1400 meals (fire crew size 270)
  • Supported incident prior to Type II team arrival
  • mob/demob fire camp in 14 hours

Lacky Fan (IMT 2 Wilde)

  • Location: La Sal Mountains, June 2013
  • Duration; 1 day & 810 meals (fire crew size 270)
  • Supported incident prior to Type II team arrival
  • mob/demob fire camp in 14 hours

Little Pine

  • Location: Enterprise UT, August 201
  • Duration; 6 days & 2,588 meals
  • On site within 24 hrs of call
  • Provided a high 280 meals within 4 hour notification
  • Supported 2 cold spike camps

Little Sands (NIMO Team)

  • Location: Pagosa Springs, CO. July 2012
  • ~ 500 miles from home base,
  • Duration 10 days
  • Total meals count 2,770 meals; along with a hot spike camp
  • Relocated fire camp in 6 hrs and then supported 143 dinners

Lake Creek

  • Location: Escalante UT, June 2012
  • Remote Location in the mountains ~ 85 miles from home base
  • Supplied our own water since no water truck was available
  • 1st time use of our newly built mobile kitchen/catering trailer
  • Fed 167 firefighter in less than 20 minutes

Sally’s Hollow

  • Location: La Sal Mountains UT, Aug 2011
  • Our 1st Fire and were on location within 18 hours
  • Duration 5 days
  • Utilized our 20’ x 32’ serving
  • Prepared & served over 9,000 meals during these fire incidents

Reference: NIMO Team Logistics Section Chief: Brent Spencer (208) 559-5374 , bspencer@fs.fed.usnimoRecent Review – July 2012 – Little Sands, Pagosa Springs CO. ( 2,770 meals) …“As a small incident only caterer, you have the ability to fill a niche that is in high demand”……“Excellent food was prepared and served, many compliments by the firefighters”.…”The fresh cooked items that you prepared were a big hit. Keep this up and it will out do any ‘brown andserve’ product”…”You were very timely with the move/relocation of the kitchen and being able to be up and running in orderto serve dinner for 100 people is an example of what you can do. Thanks for the huge effort.”

(Dinner Count was increased to 143)

“As owners and operators, you are very easy to work with and always willing to learn and listen to

suggestions and that showed in how you improved over the short period of time you were here. Thanks for

all you did and keep improving”

“You worked well with the other individuals that we had to support your operation. This can be very

critical to the overall mission of this operation, and you met all of my expectation’s here”

Would you select this contractor again given the chance? “YES”

Reviewed by: Rick Martin FUDL July 6, 2012



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Sunset Grill Restaurant & Catering


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Sunset Grill Restaurant & Catering

Duns # 054880004
John Clayton (435) 260-1801
Laurie Clayton (435)-260-1819, (435)-703-5717
Olivia Watts (435)-669-7193
Email: moabsunsetgrill@gmail.com
St. George, Utah & Moab, Utah

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